What will I need?

A suitable venue

Anything from a village hall to stately home will do nicely. In the past we've played in the above as well as in pubs, barns, restaurants, castles, kitchens, car parks, town squares (French and English), on ships, in ships, on, in and under the English Channel and once even on a bridge over the M25 (don't ask!). If weather permits, an outside dance can be great fun.


If a sound system is required then we'll need access to one standard, 240v three-pin power point. Something to bear in mind for outside events - we are happy to use power from a generator, and may be able to bring our own in required.

A theme

Not essential, but can work very well depending on your venue and audience. Probably a good idea to give your guests some kind of a guideline though, there are many different ideas on what a barn dance (or ceilidh) is, it can be embarrassing for a couple to be the only ones looking all rustic and Thomas Hardyish if everyone else is dressed in straw cowboy hats and check shirts - or the other way round. If you are going for the full 'yee ha' look, then www.peeks.co.ukMay be able to help with costumes and props.

An audience

Please bring your own - we can't help you on this one. It is a good idea to tell them about the dance in advance. As well as costume (above), guests may want to bring suitable footwear and clothing to change into if dressed up for a more formal part of the proceedings.

A map may help if your venue is off the beaten track, as would a friend with a 4x4 and a tow rope - just in case.