Barn dances

Barn dances can provide a great way to have a memorable and fun-filled event you and your guests can talk about for years to come - an event for the young and old alike, for the fit and not so fit. Not only is it becoming a special event in itself to have live music, the progressional nature of many dances makes them a wonderful way to mix people together.

Start with a group of total strangers - they will soon become acquainted! Unlike a 'disco', there is no need to worry about who you are seen dancing with - Auntie Maud and Cousin Zob, the Managing Director and the Cleaner; all can end up as partners. No one need feel excluded; almost anyone can join in.

Although it is possible to get things going very quickly when you are ready, the musicians can also play some 'acoustic' (unamplified) music first, to welcome your guests on arrival. This sets the mood and lets your guests unwind, catching up with the news and gossip. There's also no need to struggle starting off with too few dancers, or having the late comers feeling embarrassed for having missed the start.

Your event will be led by a 'caller' - a central figure to teach and guide the dancers along as necessary. Finding a good caller is the secret for a great evening. They will select the right dances according to the general abilities and wants of the audience and encourage people along without patronising them.

Choose your caller with care - there are those that change from mild mannered recluse to a mix between Victorian headmaster and drill sergeant from hell once they set foot upon stage! A good caller will give you an event to remember - for all the right reasons!

To find out more about barn dances please give us a call or send an email.

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